Finding The Right Talent To Support Scottish Startups

Support For Small Business

The support available to small businesses from a very vibrant entrepreneurial community in this country has positioned Scotland as one of the best places to start a business. However no business can exist without a talented team which is why we created TalentSpark.

TalentSpark is perfectly placed to help you grow your start-up or find the job you are looking for with one of Scotland most exciting companies.

“This isn’t just a job board, TalentSpark is an ecosystem for advice and support. It’s a nascent venture and we’re keen to enlist other like-minded partners to develop the hub in order to give something back to the entrepreneurial community and enable the next generation of Scottish enterprise”.

Startup companies

Since our inception in 2015 we have worked with some of the most exciting businesses in Scotland. We’ve supported FanDuel, Skyscanner, Pick Protection, UnikLasers, TV Squared and many more.

TalentSpark’s offer is tailored to support start-ups and their business model as they grow. We offer specific payment terms, a tailored fixed fee approach, a strong network of advisers and many years of experience. Given our partnership with Eden Scott we also have access to a wealth of talent who can grow your business.

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Working with a start-up

It is an exciting roller coaster ride working in a start-up. If you are looking for a comfortable, 9-5 working life with a quiet, sleepy company then this is definitely not for you.

However if you are excited by the prospect of a dynamic working environment where there can be pressure and there will be challenges but the satisfaction levels will be through the roof then a start-up is for you.

We work with a host of exciting businesses and we have tonnes of great advice on progressing your career so sign up with us today and find the career you deserve.

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