Professor Miles Houslay

Professor Miles Houslay

Co-Founder and CSO of Mironid Limited.

Mironid is a Scottish SME on a mission to improve the quality of life and productivity of patients affected by chronic inflammatory diseases, degenerative kidney diseases and cancer.
Focusing on the production and supply of novel, high value pre-clinical drug candidates and companion biomarkers with clear evidence of clinical benefits, Mironid aims to develop its groundbreaking therapies through to proof of clinical effectiveness, while cultivating corporate partnerships to ensure an optimal late stage development trajectory and global market launch

Tell us about your biotech startup

Mironid® Limited is an innovative new drug discovery company that develops proprietary drug candidate molecules by modulating the activity of key cell signalling proteins. This allows us to access multiple therapeutic areas for exploitation. Our current drug discovery pipeline is aimed at developing novel treatments for degenerative kidney diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer. We incorporated in April 2014 and completed our $6.2M Series A investment in June 2016.

We are a team of 14, all of whom are either highly qualified scientists or have significant business building and investment experience.

Who makes up the founding team – and how did you get together?

Our team is centred around Prof Miles Houslay’s World-leading expertise in cellular signalling. Other founders are Dr Paul Rodgers, Dr Neil WIlkie, Dr Elizabeth Fairley, Prof David Adams, Dr Julia Adam and Prof Nigel Pyne. The initial team was established prior to receiving support from Scottish Enterprise (SE) and was strengthened throughout the SE Proof of Concept project.

What are the benefits associated with your business location?

We have multiple scientific and business sites to best fit our needs and to ensure we drive forwards with our ambitious commercial goals in a capital efficient manner. We have managed to recruit from a broad international background and I’m sure our location in Scotland has only helped attract those high quality candidates.

What are the difficulties associated with growing a business in your location?

Access to capital is always an issue for growing businesses but we’ve been fortunate to have had excellent support from Epidarex Capital, the Scottish Investment Bank and the University of Strathclyde in our Series A investment. This has allowed us to recruit and expand in line with our growth ambitions and to start delivering some great results against our plan. Combined with a strong long term commercial focus this has allowed us to gain significant traction with some major international partners in a relatively short space of time.

Where have you found challenges in growing your team?

We’ve been very fortunate to date in that we have recruited some excellent people into both the scientific and commercial positions. The team is a very strong combination of scientific excellence and experienced business acumen. We continually strive to strengthen the team by attracting and recruiting the best possible candidates and to continually challenge our hypotheses and assumptions. We are clearly only part of the way through this process and we have further positions to fill but to date we’ve been very satisfied.

How do you plan to Internationalise your business?

Our products are for the global market and we already have extensive collaborations and business discussions ongoing with partners around the world. Our scientific and business teams have focused on the global market right from the onset and that remains the overarching goal and aspirations of the company.

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