Float is a revenue generating, growing fintech start-up who are filling a much-needed void in the SME market for cash flow management and forecasting software.

Over 16 million people are employed by SMEs in the UK alone, so when they grow faster and survive longer it makes a big difference! Our web-based cash management and forecasting application is built to give small businesses the insight and visibility they need to succeed.

Cash flow forecasting should be essential for every big business decision, from hiring a new member of staff to taking out a loan. Getting these decisions right can mean the difference between success and going bust. This is where our award-winning, passionate and collaborative team come in – bringing cash flow to the cloud.

We’re part of a rapidly growing market place as businesses increasingly switch to cloud accounting. The very nature of what it means to be an accountant is changing, meaning Float has a truly exciting opportunity to define cash flow for the future.

With customers in more than 40 countries, Float’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) product plugs into cloud-based accounting software such as Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks Online to help produce and maintain a cash flow forecast.

Traditionally, large corporate businesses were the only types of organisations who could afford the luxury of financial planning and ensuring that profitability and cash flow were forecasted ahead of time. Thanks to Float this is now something that will be available to SMEs, allowing them to run smarter, leaner and more profitable businesses at an affordable price.

Our Team

We believe in teamwork. We’re a small, close-knit team. Bertie and Vicente head up engineering, Graeme and Jane are in customer success, Jamie is our product designer, Kieran our product manager and Tim Leslie is our CTO. We work together, sit together, pair program and solve our problems together.

We believe in hard and focused work, not long hours. We aim for achievable short-term goals and we finish our sprints without working overtime. We arrive at work knowing what needs to be done and leave work feeling like we’ve achieved something.

We aim to develop both as a team and as individuals in order to build a platform for growth. We put time aside most days to read and discuss what we’ve learned. We’re constantly exploring new ways of doing things. We learn from each other by working closely together and the company as a whole prioritises personal development.

Autonomy and direction are not mutually exclusive.

We give each other the autonomy to work on the things that need our attention but we’re also aligned with the other core areas of the business such as marketing and sales. We do this by being explicit about our company strategy and regularly communicating with the rest of the company in terms of intent, customer needs and opportunities rather than solutions and detail.

Our North Star

Most importantly, we believe in building a product that users love. This means spending time talking to customers directly, testing our design concepts before building them and maintaining low technical debt so that we can continue to move really fast. Concepts are challenged and tested, we don’t just build ideas that come from the top down.

Most companies talk about staff happiness because attracting and retaining staff is important to them. For us it goes deeper than that – building a company that people can grow and enjoy working for is part of how we define success.