Who Are Novosound

Novosound is the first spin-out company to emerge from the University of the West of Scotland. They were the winners of the 2017 Converge Challenge, and have developed and patented a ground-breaking technique to mass-manufacture printable ultrasound sensors. The revolutionary method overcomes the limitations of existing technology, improving a manufacturing process, which hasn’t majorly changed in more than 40 years.

In the oil and gas industry, for example, Novosound’s new “fit-and-forget” sensors can be fixed along a pipeline to detect potential cracks and faults before they become critical; a problem that has been well-publicised recently for companies in the sector.

Current ultrasound arrays require a large amount of difficult manufacturing to produce 64-128 individual ultrasound imaging sensors in one probe. This leads to high sales prices and low-image quality.

Novosound improve on this by producing the world’s first fully printed ultrasound imaging array, which provides high resolution, flexibility and low-cost.

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