Orca Money’s mission is to drive the mainstream adoption of peer to peer lending, by providing an efficient, intelligent investment solution and independent, fact-based market research. At their core, they are huge believers in the peer to peer lending industry. Orca is a team of P2P specialists. The founders have been involved in alternative investments for a number of years having founded an alternative lending platform before starting Orca. They saw first-hand just how important diversification is when investing, particularly in a credit asset typically inaccessible to retail investors. They are a passionate and approachable team.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Orca has the ambition to evolve into the hub for alternative lending. New-starts will be joining a small team with the opportunity to contribute to the culture of the company and craft their own role as the company grows.

“Our review of Orca Money convinced us that it is an opportunity worthy of consideration as part of a balanced, long term investing portfolio.”

Iain Niblock, CEO Orca

“The coming year is expected to be a period of great growth for Orca. So there is no better time to join us on our journey!”

Iain Niblock, CEO Orca

The Team

Iain Niblock, CEO

Rory Fitzpatrick, CTO

Jordan Stodart, Co-founder & BD

Meghan Semple, Digital Marketing

Olga Oggiano, Operations