Jobs with RAB Microfluidics

Development and Analytical Chemist

RAB Microfluidics is a start-up business focusing on the development of a new technology that will revolutionise chemical analysis of petroleum fluids. They bring the laboratory to your machinery, ‘transforming’ maintenance strategies from preventative to predictive maintenance.

Their ‘Lab-on-a-chip’ technology delivers oil analysis 1000x faster and 10x cheaper than the current ‘send the sample to laboratory’ approach.

“At RAB-Microfluidics, we want to change the way chemistry is applied to engineering problems. We believe that oil samples should be chemically analysed at point of sampling not taken to the lab.


We are a team of passionate scientists, engineers and commercial individuals who believe in changing the way chemical analysis of oil is carried out, making it rapid, in real-time and at point-of-need.


We are looking for passionate individuals to join our team to deliver chemistry solutions to engineering problems at point-of-need. If you are a development and analytical chemist and you aspire to developing products that use chemistry to solve real life problems, then we would like to hear from you. “


Rotimi Alabi, Founder RAB Microfluidics

For too long, stationary laboratories have been the way to test and analyse oil samples, however, oil analysis does not have to be static and one dimensional.

RAB Microfluidics believe this process should be dynamic like everything else around us, that’s why they are revolutionising oil testing and analysis services by making conventional laboratory procedures mobile, rapid and routine.

Their innovation is driven by the needs of their customers in oil and gas, aerospace and defence, processing and manufacturing, power generation, transport and maritime industries.