Jobs at Soundbops:

Head of Marketing and Sales

Soundbops is an exciting and innovative start up who make starter educational musical instruments for young children. With a successful kickstarter and imminent investment , we have ambitious growth plans for 2019 and beyond.

“Music is magical. My dad taught me guitar when i was young and we still play together. Our mission is to enable all children to play, learn and love music allowing them every opportunity to grow to a life of music. By joining our team this will become your mission. You can revolutionise how music is taught and make music accessible for everyone, inspiring the next generation of musicians.

To achieve our mission we need talented and driven people to join a fast paced, growing and ambitious company. Be an essential part of our growth to become the number one for children’s educational instruments. We are providing an opportunity to grow yourself and a develop and shape a revolutionary brand and product.”

Michael Tougher, Founder

“Soundbops are the type of start up organisation we love working with. They are providing an amazing product that can genuinely enrich lives, coupled with the ambition and skills to become a real success story.

Claire Anderson, TalentSpark Recruiter

I am a 67 year old grandfather who has never understood or been able to play music. This has been the biggest disappointment of my life. I am determined that my granddaughter won't have that same regret.

Bob Gilbert

I love the concept. I like to purchase educational toys for my children and this is an educational toy. But more than just a toy ‐ a way to actually help teach music as they grow. I like how it grows with a child and can be used for many, many years.

Rebecca Stiles

I showed it to my four year old son, and he got really excited about it. I’m happy to buy him something that doesn’t have a screen, will be different than the toys he already owns, and something we could enjoy doing together.

Kristen Marge

We very much value music as a way of expression and as an artistic outlet. We want our daughter to be able to learn about music from an early age as well as be able to explore making her own music even before she might be able to learn to play an instrument.

Heather Baggett