Following ten years service with The Royal Air Force, Gavin Neate began an 18 year career with Guide Dogs as a guide dog mobility instructor. His comprehensive knowledge of visual impairment and assistive technologies led him to create Neatebox.

Since founding the company in 2011 the company has grown its products, staff and ambition. However, one thing has remained very much the same, a focus on access and inclusion for everyone and their environments through assistive technology.

Gavin Neate Neatebox

Three Things I’ve Learned On My Entrepreneurial Journey

Some people will undoubtedly question the vision you have for your product or service. Don’t take it to heart. Just because someone else doesn’t see the see what you see doesn’t mean they are right.

If you believe it has meaning then it has meaning and you will make it happen.

Don’t Take To Heart A Lack Of Shared Vision

Keep Going

This is banded about a lot but that doesn’t mean it is absolutely true. It is vital that you don’t give up on your journey. It is never a straight road, there will be twists and turns all the way along. However if you have a vision and you believe in yourself you will be successful.

Entrepreneurs are incredibly resilient. Failure is a major and very important part of success. You need to experience failure and come through it before you will experience success.

Not everyone is out there to steal your idea. It takes an impressive person to take on someone else’s idea and make a go of it. You shouldn’t get bogged down with the notion that you can’t share your concept. Collaboration and support from others will be key to moving your idea from a spark of genius to an functioning product.

You could be walking around with a fantastic concept and shouting it from the roof tops and it is unlikely that anyone will steal your idea. Don’t let it hold you back, collaborate and get your life changing ideas out there.

Not Everyone Is Out To Steal Your Idea

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