Cyan Forensics transforms investigators’ ability to find evidence fast and share intelligence data by providing software built on new science in digital forensics.

Our technology is built on cutting edge research at Edinburgh Napier University, and is proven with real case data in a law enforcement environment. We are at the heart of Scotland’s vibrant technology sector at CodeBase in Edinburgh.

Cyan Forensics

Three Things I’ve Learned On My Entrepreneurial Journey

Getting Cyan Forensics this far has been all about people. I went into a project at a University as a consultant, something I’ve done several times before, but this time I left as a founder. The main reason is that I could see how my co-founder Bruce and I could work together to build something special.

We raised money with someone both Bruce and I knew, with the support of people we built relationships with through the project. Our networks have been invaluable in building the board and team, and in getting the right suppliers and connections.

The police customers we’re working with all really care about the people they serve (by stopping paedophiles or terrorists) and our empathy with that goal is vital to the relationships we’re building. As a technologist at heart, running a technology company, I am constantly fascinated just how much this business is about people.

It’s All About People

Communicating Is Key

We do something the man in the street has no experience of, and yet our users are technical experts and have no interest in superficial explanations. Our messaging has to be completely consistent, but the language and emphasis has to shift depending on whether our audience is investors, senior police officers, policy makers or front line forensic analysts. Especially when we have a mixed audience, giving a message that is high-level and strategic for policy makers but also satisfying for technical experts has been a big challenge.

I would go so far as to say the only times we don’t get a positive response to what we’re doing are when we get communications wrong – so as you can imagine we invest a fair bit of effort in getting communications right. Nothing else matters if we can’t get other people excited about what we’re doing.

I had a really comfortable Easter Monday with no phone calls or e-mails, only one meeting, and hardly anyone in the office. I just sat and wrote a proposal without interruptions. The great things that have happened for us so far have all come from being uncomfortable however.

Pitching on a big stage at EIE. Blagging meetings with big investors and customers who are really out of our league. Asking for help that we have no right to expect. Pushing the technology to do things we didn’t know it could do. That puts us in the slightly perverse position of constantly seeking out the uncomfortable things that have high potential, and doing them even though they uncomfortable. So I don’t let myself have too many comfortable office days!

Comfort Is The Enemy

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