Appointedd is a cutting edge online booking and business management system that is revolutionising how businesses sell or organise their time online.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Appointedd won one of the first ever Scottish EDGE Awards and was featured on the BBC 2 documentary, The Entrepreneurs.

Leah Hutcheon is the founder and CEO of Appointedd. Leah is an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland and a Director of Future Leaders for Entrepreneurial Scotland.

Three Things I’ve Learned On My Entrepreneurial Journey

Build The Best Team Possible

For me, without a doubt, the best part of running your own business is getting to work with whoever you want. #TeamAppointedd is the most amazing, creative, talented and utterly madcap bunch that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We have a great time in our gorgeous office, but we also push each other hard to deliver on our super high standards.

I’m so proud of what we’re achieving – we’re building world class products – but I’m just as proud of the fact that we are having fun while we’re doing it. Building a startup is really tough – you need to be doing it with people you want to have a beer with.

There’s just four of us full time, but we work with a whole host of talented freelancers, consultants, interns and advisors who keep us innovating. They stretch us and allow us to add expertise where the business needs it, giving us flexibility to be as creative and productive as possible.


Collaborate As Much As You Can

At Appointedd, we have so much fun collaborating with other startups and software products. There’s no more creative way to grow our business. Our partnerships not only add amazing functionality to our core tools but they also help us weave into the fabric of a small business, adding value in ways no one product can.

Choosing the right partner is an extension of identifying the right team – you want to find partners who are amazing at what they do, while also being lovely people to work with. We’ve definitely achieved that with the products we work with.

We integrate with FreeAgent for end-to-end financial management, from online booking to reporting to HMRC. Our integration with the UK’s fastest growing point of sale system, Epos Now, enables complete synchronisation with an award-winning till system. Maestrano integrates us with over 30 SME tools on one dashboard where KPIs can be customised for easy access to the data that counts. And our Weebly integration lets businesses create a live online booking website in minutes.

All these partners add value to our customers and are fantastic collaborators for our team – a win/win situation.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

Even with the best team in the world, a startup is a massively busy place to work. Your product is never finished (no, seriously), and, if you’re doing it right, there’s always an exciting opportunity on the horizon. You need to superpower yourself and your team with the very best tools you can afford.

At Appointedd we rely on a bunch of tools that make our day-to-day business flow freely…


Appointedd – Using our own tool, our customers and partners can book a call or meeting with us whenever they need to. We set our own rules so people can only book when we want them to and it syncs with our normal calendar. It has massively streamlined the way we book calls and meetings across time zones too.

Trello – We use Trello for project management and organisational structure. We track all our projects on boards and we’re even building our company handbook on there.

Slack – Billy, our Lead Developer, is based out of the office. Slack lets us chat freely with him and collaborate easily. We also integrate our billings, payments, alerts and Trello boards with Slack – it’s the beating heart of our business.

Hubspot – Content marketing is at the heart of our growth strategy so Hubspot powers our marketing team. We run our website, social media and sales funnel all on Hubspot.

FreeAgent – Our accounting is streamlined via FreeAgent. We can invoice on it and report direct to HMRC, and it has the best support team ever!


I truly believe that SaaS (software-as-a-service) is fuelling an industrial revolution. Never before has the playing field been so even – SaaS is the sling with which David will slay Goliath. Where cutting edge software was once the domain of large corporates and enterprises, any company can now get their hands on world class tools – for free or a low monthly fee. So hook your team up with the best software for your needs; it’ll definitely pay dividends.

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