Karla Landripet

Karla Landripet

Head of International Relations and Partnerships and Board member at Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation

LEAP Summit 2017 is a global 3 day conference, which will gather more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs, students, young professionals, NGO leaders and change-makers who are leaders in their respective communities. The main focus of the conference is on themes connected to innovation, IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship, career development and life-changing stories. LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, and Progress. The Summit is a perfect combination of formal and non-formal program. Formal program consists of series of talks, panel sessions, workshops and interactive discussions.

Tell us about The LEAP Startup Summit

Leap Startup Summit is an annual international three-day conference, which gathers more than 1,000 bright minds – leaders of tomorrow, amazing speakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, CEOs, students, NGO, founders who are true opinion leaders in their respective fields.

LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, and Progress. We believe that these four words perfectly describe the concept we have created. The LEAP Summit program is shaped around multi-discipline. We think in today’s world people must have different skill-sets and our event offers people an opportunity to experience how people from different disciplines approach the same problems.

The primary focus of the Summit is on themes connected to innovation, entrepreneurship and business development, leadership, creativity, inspiring and life changing stories, success stories and career development.

We believe that international gatherings are the best way to learn and experience different cultures. The magic happens outside of our comfort zone and we are not afraid of unknown.

Our aim is to create the most inspiring conference in the world.

Who makes up the founding team – and how did you get together?

The founding team consists of young professionals who got together because of their shared vision of changing the mind set of young people and helping to create a better tomorrow. We are the change makers and we like to challenge tomorrow. We believe that creativity is a skill and can be learned. We believe in better tomorrow, in power of education and paradigm shift. We believe that the best way to learn is to learn from different ambitious people.

Through LEAP Summit we want to show to the people that there is wide spectrum of possibilities and that they shouldn’t be afraid to make a leap into better tomorrow.

What are the benefits associated with your business location?

The LEAP Summit is in Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. Croatia is a country with a lot of potential and is still developing according the world trends. There is a lot of young, highly educated people who have ambition and knowledge but feel like there are a lack of opportunities for them so they’re searching for jobs in more developed countries.

What are the difficulties associated with growing a business in your location?

Croatia is a small country that has a potential that’s not completely been discovered. The country has still problems with bureaucracy and slow-to-adapt mind-set towards entrepreneurship and innovation.

Where have you found challenges in growing your team?

The team consists of young people who are finishing or have finished college this year. The challenge in growing our team was finding more highly motivated people that have the same vision as us. Given our plans for the LEAP Summit 2017 are to be even bigger and better we need to find hungry and ambitious graduates.

How do you plan to internationalise your business?

The LEAP Summit is an international conference that brings together young professionals from all over the world to they could exchange ideas and learn. To internationalise our business we plan to make LEAPin, a one day event, which will be held all across the Europe.

Beside that, we want to stream our conference across America, Asia and Africa so we could also give opportunity to young people there to develop themselves and connect with people from around the world and get different perspective.

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