Smart, agile, innovative and tenacious?

Then welcome to Axol Bioscience.

Axol produces high-quality human cell products and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. They have a passion for great science, delivering epic support and innovating future products to help their customers advance faster in their research.

About The Team

Axol Bioscience is always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are ready for their next challenge in a fast-paced team with varied responsibilities and significant opportunities for growth.

If your background is in stem-cell / cell biology research and you love helping people troubleshoot you might be well suited for a technical specialist role; if you can instantly build rapport, develop relationships and close deals then Axol could be the next step up in your sales career.

The Science

Axol Bioscience’s expertise includes reprogramming cells to iPSCs and then differentiating to various cell types. They supply differentiated cells derived from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds. As a service, they also take cells provided by customers (primary or iPSC) and then do the reprogramming (when necessary) and differentiation.

Their in-house R&D team works hard to improve on existing media and reagents as well as innovate new products for human cell culture. They also supply a growing range of human primary cells.

Axol Bioscience