‘This article is contributed by Puneet Sachdev. Puneet does what he believes in. That an optimised ‘performance environment’ allows organisations to deliver on their mission 100%. He helps organisations optimise and create high performance environments

The 'Big 9'​ Cultural Values that drive Organisational Excellence

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In a recent article I had written about why Values and how to ‘workshop’ your organisational Values. After extensively researching the most effective Values that are driving today’s organisation, I finally came across a study by MIT Sloan that had identified more than 60 distinct cultural Values that companies listed on their values statement. And from there they narrowed this down to the 9 most frequently cited by organisations.

Big 9 cultural Values

I do what I believe in. I believe that organisations are a key building block of society and humanity and that an optimised people infrastructure is the fundamental vehicle for delivering your company’s mission 100%. I design and optimise your people and culture infrastructure to create highly effective performance environments. I have worked across multiple industries and geographies and more recently I have been working with growing tech companies. Get in touch with for a no-obligation consultation about your people and culture aspirations.

Puneet Sachdev

Contributed by Puneet Sachdev. Puneet specialises in designing interventions that solve People and Culture challenges and helps creating engaging and high performing environments. His recent clients have included fast growing tech companies like Nucleus Financial and Craneware in the UK. Prior to the UK, Puneet was management consulting for Accenture in the US. Get in touch with him for a no-obligation consultation about your people and culture aspirations via LinkedIn.