In recent years, convergent technologies have been transforming the healthcare sector globally. Sensors, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, are adding clinical insight that would not have been possible a decade ago, enabling new treatments and new ways of tackling global healthcare challenges and maximising patient benefit.  

Scotland at the forefront

Scotland has long been at the forefront of medical advancement, and we remain ideally placed to take advantage of the changing face of human health. With digital healthcare records going back 30 years, NHS Scotland facilitates an Open Innovation approach to data sets through its Data Safe Haven – a secure environment supported by trained staff and agreed processes where healthcare data can be processed and made available in a de-identified form for research. 

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Digital Healthcare

Scottish Digital Healthcare Businesses to Watch

Some exciting and Innovative new Scottish businesses are at the forefront of this global digital healthcare revolution – here are a few worth the watch… 

Current Health

First Up, Current Health. The company’s FDA-cleared, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered patient management platform was founded in Scotland in 2015 by CEO Christopher McCann and CTO Stewart Whiting. Current Health uses wearable and wireless vital signs monitoring, collected via its patient engagement tools, to continuously track patient health trends. The platform analyses the data to proactively detect illness or deterioration, alerting healthcare staff to high-risk patients so they can deliver remedial care earlier. 

Some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States and United Kingdom are already using Current Health to manage patient care, shorten hospital stays, reduce hospital readmission rates, improve patient satisfaction and deliver better patient outcomes. Following a £9M seed round at the end of 2019, Current Health aims to extend its partnership base with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, scaling their solution to better treat millions of patients preventively and at the earliest point. Watch this space… 

Talking Medicines

Also, taking the patient-centric approach is Glasgow based Talking Medicines. the world’s first ‘social intelligence company for the pharmaceutical industry.’ 

Talking Medicine’s “social listening” platform monitors conversations about medicines, health conditions, and symptoms and then uses machine learning and NLP tools to translate those conversations into intelligence that the pharmaceuticals industry can use to “make patient-centric marketing decisions, driving more effective medicines and marketing spend”.  

Talking Medicines also integrates information from ‘Medsmart’ an app which helps patients keep a digital log of all their medicines, including how and when to take them. This year the company raised an additional £1.1 million of funding to scale up its data technology platform and build out its team. 

Platinum Informatics

Combining Laboratory Information Management, an electronic lab notebook and Big Data analytics, Platinum Informatics aims to transform scientific experimentation by bringing the digital lab of tomorrow into today’s research laboratories. By re-designing experiments and workflows to optimise research outcomes, Platinum Informatics – led by Mukesh Moorjani – is driving efficiency in the drug delivery process by enabling process optimisation, remote working, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced data quality. In the current COVID climate, Platinum Informatics focus on drug, vaccine and biomarker discovering in the burgeoning field of precision medicine is particularly pertinent, and the company has built a strong board to support its ambitions.  

Fios Genomics

Another data-centric healthcare company, Archangels backed  Fios Genomics has extensive experience handling all types of datasets and supports scientists, researchers and bioinformaticians in data analysis. 

Under the leadership of Sarah Lynagh, the company provides an extensive range of bioinformatic analysis services to Pharma, CROs and academia, providing expert statistical analysis and interpretation of a variety of data types generated from all areas of life sciences, across all species and platforms. Fios specialises in turning data into useful information from which decisions can be made. 

Effective data analysis and interpretation are the bottleneck and pain point for all users of “big data” technologies. Fios Genomics is ideally positioned to exploit emerging drug discovery & development opportunities, diagnostics, and applied research.  

Mime Technologies 

Following investment from Equity Gap at the tail end of 2019, it’s been a big year for Anne Roberts and her multidisciplinary team at MIME technologies. One of a growing number of healthcare businesses located in Inverness, the company’s wireless first response solution ‘Aiber’ provides fast, accurate advice and support to pilots, captains and cabin crew attending to passenger medical emergencies, whilst in transit.  

In a single year, flight diversions for medical reasons can reach up to 60 flights for a major airline and cost upwards of £38,500 for each diverted flight. Utilising AI, the recently CE marked Aiber technology can store and live stream large amounts of passenger data to the ground, allowing real-time communication between the crew, passenger and clinical support; measuring patient deterioration and facilitating a more informed decision about how stable a passenger is and whether the flight should continue or divert. As the company looks set to expand its client base into Europe, the sky is the limit for Anne and her team!