Supporting Agriculture

One of the biggest challenges facing Dairy Farmers across the UK is poor conception rates. There is no quality control process for Vets, farmers or AI Technicians to check semen before reproduction, resulting in a 40% reduction in conception rates in the past 20 years.

This issue is costing individual farmers £37k a year and costs the industry across Europe over £2bn per year.

However, having just secured £100k from Scottish Edge in their latest funding round the team at Dyneval are ready to take their revolutionary product to the market.


Expert Solution

The two founders – Tiffany Wood and Vincent Martinez have worked with their team to develop a portable, easy to use device that enables those involved to measure the mobility of the semen.

With over 30 years of experience studying complex fluids at the University of Edinburgh, Dyneval’s solution combines deep-tech science and agri-tech expertise and has benefited from strong networks in Canada, Argentina and the UK.

The product has been validated by vets and is now close to being market-ready. It is also being tested for suitability for other species.


Growing The Team

Dyneval is now at an exciting time in its development and is building out its tech team to develop the MVP into a fully functioning commercial platform that they can take to market.

Jobs with Dyneval