About e.fundamentals

e.fundamentals purpose is to make digital commerce a truly rewarding experience for brands, their customers and their consumers.

Selling online creates a wonderful opportunity to offer great products to people all over the world, but in so many cases it’s done poorly, resulting in weak results for brands and a frustrating experience for consumers.

e.fundamentals was created to help transform that experience – to help brands decide the optimal combination of product mix, pricing, promotion and presence to ensure that shoppers can easily find, desire and buy them in online stores.

Digital Shelf Analytics

e.fundamental’s Digital Shelf Analytics was created to provide all the up-to-date information businesses need to optimise their eCommerce growth.

The critical information is automated and sent to the decision-makers who need it to make a difference. It eliminates the need for manual checking, assessing product visibility and content compliance as well as benchmarking shopper feedback and optimising stock.

The Digital Shelf provides the baseline information that helps deliver e.fundamental’s industry-leading 4X ROI year after year. It also pulls in data from a range of advertising metrics and provides the insight required to grow in a range of markets.

Joining The Team

e.fundamentals have developed an incredibly talented team who all play a part in their success. They are passionate about helping their team grow and develop through their role while helping them achieve the right work-life balance.

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What The Team Say

Being able to have a real input into the direction and success of the business. As part of the e.fundamentals team, everyone has a voice and their opinions and ideas are listened to. I have seen e.fundamentals grow as a business by placing the success of our customers at the heart of what we do and this passion and drive for success is as rewarding for individual employees as it is for the business as a whole and our clients.
Client Services Director