Corporations are the big bad wolf of the professional world. Whilst many dream of working for these gargantuan enterprises, being a small cog within a powerhouse can be widely disheartening.

However, the thought of establishing your own business can seem daunting. You need the idea, passion and resources to turn a startup into a success story. If it all goes wrong, you’re the one that’s accountable.

Working at startups provides a bridge between the two. Discover the many advantages of working with an early stage business;

Expand Your Capabilities

Startups command a great deal of flexibility. No, not the yoga style of flexibility, but you’ll need to adapt quickly to each situation, so your role won’t be as pigeonholed as they are in large businesses.

What this provides is a fantastic opportunity to expand your capabilities and learn new skills. Working at a startup provides a fresh perspective as you’ll have visibility on pretty much everything, from the customers of the business to the companies it interacts with. This gives you a unique opportunity for professional development whilst contributing to the success of an early stage business.

Work Smarter

So how dynamic do you need to be at a startup? Well, you need to be an expert at juggling many things all at once and you will likely have more to do in a shorter space of time. Having a lean mindset helps here; ditch time-intrusive meetings so you’re actually able to get things done.

You’ll also need to react swiftly to any market changes, so being up to speed on the latest developments is crucial. Utilising social media tools is just one way in which you can curate relevant new pieces to keep you, and the startup you work for, ahead of the game.

Reinvigorate Your Career

A word to describe the culture of a startup is – energetic. You won’t look around the office and see your colleagues being distracted from their work. The environment is cult-like – everyone is in it together and has a genuine care for driving the company forward and growing its performance. Everything is brand new and there is a high chance that you’ll make loads of mistakes at startups, but the important thing is that you learn from them and grow.

Make a Difference

Many people who work for conglomerates feel they don’t get the recognition that they deserve, so your personal contribution may get lost, which can be demoralising.

This isn’t the case at startups though. Your work directly impacts the business; you’ll be able to quantify your results which are valued by everyone else in the team. Startups celebrate success, and to get the gratification for your efforts, this can prove to be the deciding factor for those feeling undervalued at a larger company.

Room to Breathe

So, this slightly contradicts the chaotic picture given before. Whilst working at a startup requires focus, effort and hard work, the culture is often less regimented and strict than a larger enterprise. Dress codes are usually more relaxed, and you won’t have a rigid working schedule. Even more importantly, you’ll be hired for the value that you can bring the business – so expect to be given freedom on your projects without someone breathing down your neck the entire time! One thing’s true, no two days are the same at a startup.

Whilst corporations provide a degree of security and structure, startups give you the freedom and path to make a positive impact.

Are you ready to push beyond your comfort zone? It’s an exciting time in Scotland’s startup community, and companies are emerging from the sands to make their mark in the ecosystem.

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