FlickApp is growing

Flick is one of those exciting companies who you know are going to do something special.

Founded by Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones, two of the original founders of Fanduel, FlickApp is a sports fan engagement platform that provides an opportunity for the enduring sports debate that surrounds every game to flourish.

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Culture Fit

The Flick recruitment team set our specialists a challenge to find the right Product Manager for the business. It wasn’t about finding someone yesterday, it was about the right fit for the business.

Nigel and Rob have created a company built on their own vision and values, the key learnings from their time at Fan Duel. So for Flick, recruitment processes should reflect these values.

There are no set hours, a fully flexible working environment that ensures your life outside work supports and compliments your time at work.

There were obvious skills the person should have but what was more important was that the business attracted people who bought into this approach to business, which isn’t for everyone.

The Right Person

Our team set about casting their net far and wide to find the right cultural fit for the Product Manager at FlickApp. We used promotional tools including extensive brand awareness through LinkedIn and Twitter as well as and other job board, but our relationships are key.

The advantage of working with our team is that we have a strong network of candidates already on our database and strong relationships with some of the most talented people on the market.

Once we have a strong brief we will know pretty quickly who will fit a particular business.

After chatting to Mhairi we knew she was the perfect fit for FlickApp and as you will hear from her film and FlickApp was the perfect for her lifestyle too.