Flick is growing

Flick are just one of those exciting companies who you know are going to do something special.

Founded by Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones, two of the original founders of Fanduel, Flick is a tech business built on its values and vision.

There are no set hours, a fully flexible working environment that ensures your life outside work supports and compliments your time at work.

Flick recruitment
Flick recruitment

Finding the right culture fit

Rob set our team a challenge to find the right Product Manager for the business. It wasn’t about finding someone yesterday, it was about the right fit for the business.

The founders at Flick have always been focused on building a business that is true to its values and that any hiring should reflect that.

Their were obvious skills the person should have but what was more important was that the business attracted people who bought into this approach to business, which isn’t for everyone.

The right person isn't far away

Our team set about casting their net far and wide to find the right cultural fit for the Product Manager at Flick.

Our database is a key tool for us and while we do use a number of other systems more often than not we will find someone we know who is perfect for the role who are one of our existing candidates.

This is the advantage of building strong relationships with candidates and clients as you will confidently know who will fit a particular business.

Mhairi was the perfect fit for Flick and as you will hear from her film, Flick were the perfect for for her lifestyle too.