You Are Not Alone

For a ubiquitous yet oft-overlooked animal, the frog represents a powerful totem of renewal, transition, and luck for many cultures, both ancient and modern.

It is this combination of transformation, journey and collective communication that led to the creation of Frog.

Frog’ story started when our founder Cal, who having experienced his own recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction, was determined that every citizen should have easy access to the local support networks that they needed to help them transition and thrive.

Champions Cinema

Using the frog as both example and guide, we have placed our Champions Cinema at the company’s heart. A safe place where the voices of those who have travelled on their dark and challenging journeys are shared in the hope that they might help others.

Video’s impact is immediate, emotions are stirred, content is relatable, and it is not limited by language or accessibility – the perfect medium for communication.

Showcasing the lived experience of those that have survived demonstrates to others that they’re not alone, and that they should not feel inhibited nor stigmatised by their issues and that help is available.

The technology that we’ve developed might be current and state of the art, but the purpose for which it was built – to guide, to regenerate, to transition – dates back thousands of years.

The Frog Tech

Our technology is built upon market-leading public cloud architecture – Microsoft Azure & AWS – for high availability and redundancy. The entire platform is load-balanced across multiple UK sites offering 99.95% uptime guarantees, with additional compute resources being automatically provisioned to ensure continued access and performance.

In an age of ever-evolving cyber threats, Frog takes a multi-layered approach to security and the protection of its critical assets. Every component within our service is built with security at the forefront – from role-based access to multiple data back-ups to scheduled penetration testing by a CREST-approved service provider.

Frog Systems
Frog systems

Working with Frog Systems

It’s not often you get to work with a business that is making such a massive impact on peoples lives. The team at Frog Systems are all passionate about making a difference and ensuring that everyone has the support they need to take the next step in their journey.

There is a real team ethic throughout the company with a positive, can-do culture.

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