Who Is GSi?

Global Surface Intelligence (GSi) are an earth observation and AI-as-a-service company who specialise in refining data to provide real added value to the end-user. Their primary focus is environmental science, providing the decision-makers with the information they need to act.

GSi captures the data from a range of sources including radar, satellite, drone and ground survey, refine it and reproduce it almost instantly.

Their vision is to become ‘the leading Data Refinery Service Provider’. The efficiency with which they produce the data ensures those that need it, have the latest data on the ever-evolving land-use.

Global Surface Intelligence
Global Surface Intelligence

GSi Product Range

GSi has a suite of products that make them a cut above the competition. The three current products, CropNow, ForrestNow, and LandNow are specifically designed to provide intelligence around the condition of valuable natural resources and investments.

How Do They Differ?

One of the key differentiators is time. The information provided is timely and up to date. The surveys are on a national scale. The land is assessed over time to give a broader perspective which, combined with current data provides businesses with a real competitive advantage.