’Tis the season to show your team gratitude for a year of hard work. Employers often use Christmas time as an opportunity to thank employees and to generate positivity. So, how can you give thanks to your team meaningfully this year?

Why you should thank your team members

Positivity is contagious. We all know that showing gratitude can make people happier, but did you know that giving praise can actually improve productivity by 12%? Many people thrive on positive feedback, and they’re more likely to give positive results when they’re feeling appreciated.

So, giving thanks is not just a nice thing to do. It’s actually good for business.

Being Inclusive

It’s important to remember that not everybody celebrates Christmas. The UK is home to people of multiple faiths. While wishing someone a Merry Christmas is hardly likely to offend, it’s a good idea to be mindful of the ways in which we’re giving thanks.

For example, some employees might not drink alcohol for religious reasons, or might have certain dietary requirements, which would render gifting certain food items inappropriate.

It might be polite simply to acknowledge that not everyone in the team celebrates Christmas. We recently read a greeting from a leader that read: “A Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and a restorative winter break to those who don’t.” We like this example because it’s wishes everyone well, not just the employees that celebrate Christmas.

Employers should also be considerate of team members who do celebrate Christmas, but whose circumstances would prevent them from joining in on traditional festivities. Parents of young children might struggle to attend a late-night Christmas party, for example.

Being inclusive doesn’t need to be difficult. By asking employees to feedback on their preferences, you should be able to paint a clear picture of which celebrations may or may not be suitable.

With that in mind, here are some ways to give thanks this year…

employee christmas

Gift packages

While many of us are now back at the office, the gift package is still going strong. We love the idea of filling a box full of goodies as thanks for a year of hard work.

Gift packages can be food, drink, tea, coffee, chocolate, book or stationary or themed – the list is endless. Have a think about your team’s shared interests and get creative. For smaller teams, writing a handwritten note of thanks can help to add a personal touch.

Activity days

Laser tag, bowling, escape rooms, a trip to the pantomime… planning a team day out can be a fun way to thank teams for the effort they’ve put in in recent months. Activity days can also help teams to bond over a shared experience – a win-win.

A day off work

Surprising your team with an extra day off work is a great way to give thanks. Some employers offer a half day off for Christmas shopping, or allow teams to come in later ahead of a day out or an evening ‘do.

Award ceremony

A DIY award ceremony can be a creative way to recognise employees’ achievements. Invent the titles yourself, acknowledging team and employee successes over the past 12 months – you’ll feel the positivity radiating around the room in no time.

One-to-one meeting

A great way to say thank you? Say, “thank you”. Taking an opportunity to thank employees personally for the effort they’ve put in and highlighting specific ways in which they’ve impressed is a simple and highly effective means of conveying gratitude.

Pay rise

If you’re feeling really grateful, the end of the year is a good opportunity to offer pay rises to those who’ve earned them. If you’ve previously worked with Eden Scott, don’t hesitate to reach out to us about what constitutes a competitive salary for employees of similar skills and experience.

Next steps

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