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Peter Dunn

Associate Director - Tech & Digital
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About Dyneval

Dyneval is a fast-growing start-up with exciting ambitions to revolutionise dairy farming by becoming the expert choice for semen analysis. Their product - Dynescan - can be used by anyone, anywhere. It aims to improve the sustainability of livestock reproduction artificial intelligence technology for artificial insemination (AI4AI) which can be adapted to a range of species and challenges. With farm conception rates falling and a lack of quality control standards across the industry, Dynescan is an easy-to-use, automated and portable instrument that solves these problems and is becoming the gold-standard in semen assessment. By improving conception rates on farms, Dyneval are returning more profit to farmers and helping to create more sustainable approaches to farming by lowering the carbon footprint.

With an incredibly passionate team of experts, superb investment backing and an incredible product offering it is an exciting time to join Team Dyneval and help farmers in the race to Net Zero.


Dyneval is delighted to announce that it has secured total funding of over £1.8M to establish a new quality control standard for semen analysis that will benefit users across the livestock production chain.


Eden Scott is delighted to be a retained partner to Dyneval to recruit an experienced Senior Software Lead to act as the product owner and lead the software design and architecture.

Technical responsibilities:

· Act as the product owner and lead the software design and architecture

· Plan, Implement and deliver the full pipeline of the SAAS platform (using third-party services and libraries where possible) including, but not limited to: web accounts, payment services/processing, and accessing their own data through web browser or web app.

· Design, implement and deliver authentication process using third-party tools.

· Oversee the data engineering system to collect data, perform analytics and generate value

· Ensure that company software copyright and databases remain secure and always limited to key individuals.

· Implement quality assurance processes and ensure the software code is tested on a regular basis.

· Oversee the instrument control for embedded processing (Linux) ensuring a smooth interface between Dyneval hardware and software.

Management responsibilities:

· Work with the CTO and CEO to convert business needs and goals into task for software development

· Define project specifications with support from CTO

· Coordinate the software team and decide the priority areas

· Oversee and manage a software team running weekly sprints and communicating effectively within the team and with the wider organisation

· DevOps role for managing continuous integration and continuous deployment

· Provide training and mentoring across the software team

· Work with the CTO to develop an annual budget for software development

· Work with external partners to bring in additional expertise when required

· Ensure that the software team adheres to company policies

Minimum Requirements / Qualifications:

· At least 3 years' experience of leading software teams and full-stack developer

· Proven years of experience in software design and architecture

· Proven years of experience of developing full pipeline of SAAS platform / authentication using third-party services and libraries including, but not limited to:

- payment processing and dealing with various subscription errors

- cloud and authentication to deal with UI's and backend development, ideally know how to deal with the entire pipeline from a cloud perspective

- the creation and management of servers

· Experience in Python, C#, AWS (or Azure DevOps)

· Experience in cross-platform front-end and back-end development

· Experience with any of the following: WPF/UWP/UNO/Xamarin/WEB

· Leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, proactivity, team player

Highly desirable skills/experiences:

· Experience in instrument control, embedded programming, firmware and Linux

· Experience in C++ and/or Rust

· Experience of camera control, acquisition and image processing

· Experience of using and/or developing instruments and software for scientific applications.

· Experience in QA and Testing software

The role is available on a hybrid working from home and office-based at The Roslin Innovation Centre. Or fully office-based basis.

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