Daisy Ford-Downes on competitive advantage

This is the second podcast in our Investment Series around competitive advantage, the central theme for this year’s YCF Conference.

We chatted to Daisy Ford-Downes, Head of Investment Programmes at FirstPort, Chapter Lead at Zebra’s Unite and an Investment Scout for a London based group of investors.

It was fascinating to learn about the different approaches social enterprises take to find investment and how some have flourished as the pandemic encouraged people to focus on their local economy.

We also chatted about the value of a diverse team when it comes to differentiating your business in investors’ minds and how crucial it is that companies don’t restrict themselves to local investment opportunities but engage with other regions that perhaps suit their business better.

Daisy Ford Downes

Daisy Ford-Downes

  • Head of Investment Programmes @ Firstport & FirstImpact
  • Chapter Lead Edinburgh @ Zebras Unite
  • Investment Scout