What Is MIME Technologies

MIME Technologies, a spin-out company, originally from Aberdeen University, is one of Scotland’s most exciting Med-Tech start-ups who have global ambitions.

The company mission is to empower those with first responder training to react confidently during a remote medical emergency and to improve the quality of data captured during a medical incident, supporting casualty outcomes.

All crew, in aviation and maritime, share the SAME problem – they are people with first aid training, called upon to manage life-threatening medical events. They are expected to act within the guidelines of their training, on behalf of the airline or shipping company. On an aircraft, diversions can cost anything between £20,000-£250,000 or more, involving difficult and complex decisions inflight. Offshore, there are approximately 57,000 deep-sea merchant marine vessels worldwide, carrying between 1.2 and 1.5 million seafarers as many as 9-12 days from shore.

Founders Anne Roberts and Dr Alastair Mort, have spent several years developing a wireless solution that will provide fast, accurate support to the crew during when they need it most. The technology, called Aiber, was developed with insight from leading physiologists, technologists and medical specialists, and harnesses the power of data, with potentially life-saving consequences.

“Diverting a ship or aircraft is an expensive and technically complex business. Although many vessels or carriers have voice support to remote clinicians, it is often difficult for them to ‘review and recommend’ because of limited on-scene data.

At MIME we aim to revolutionise this support, making an impact to the way a sick passenger is managed onboard. Our tech also adds value by automating an on-scene report, for handover to emergency services, audit or training purposes.” CEO Anne Roberts, Co-Founder

Anne Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder

"We believe our technology will optimise on-scene support during remote medical emergencies, and also help reduce unnecessary diversions onboard. Ultimately, we want to be the 'go to' technology for on-scene care, both in the air and at sea - globally."

Join the Team

The team at MIME Technologies are all passionate about their mission to improve healthcare in aviation. They are looking for driven, passionate people to join their team. Here is what we can promise you:

  • Excitement – the chance to be involved with one of Scotland’s leading MedTech companies
  • Flexibility – including remote and work from home options
  • Training & Development – every new member of staff is encouraged to identify opportunities
  • Growth – potential contract extension or potential permanent role – grow with the business
  • Belonging – be an important voice in a talented and collaborative team where every individual’s input is valued
  • Purpose – the opportunity to make a meaningful difference – help develop a product that will contribute to saving a life!

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