What is 'Nude'?

Nude is a financial app with one aim. To help first-time buyers to own their own home. It isn’t always the best solution, and the financial landscape has definitely changed in the last 30 years. Research has shown that renting is a more stressful experience and can cost up to 20% more.

The team at Nude, led by Crawford Taylor, a former Senior Owning Partner at Hymans Robertson, set about creating a tech solution that could take individuals from the initial savings through to paying off their mortgage.


The Recruitment Challenge

Nude raised £5.7m and their most recent raise is to help them deliver on the government-backed Lifetime ISA (LISA), created to help first-time home-owners.

The LISA is the perfect product for Nude; it fits nicely into their suite of services. However, setting something like this up isn’t easy. It takes the right team, in the right roles, both technical and financial, to ensure the product is full proof.

So the team chose TalentSpark to help them deliver on their objectives. The challenge was to recruit ten positions, mainly in tech, over two months.

The Recruitment Solution

Peter Dunn, Associate Director for Tech and Digital, briefed the team to expect a busy few months.

Peter met with Stephen, COO at Nude, to understand the company culture and the product to ensure TalentSpark put forward just the right candidates for interview.

We received an overwhelming number of applicants. It took a monumental effort from Niall and Aimee in our team, working through over 1000 applications across the ten roles, to find just the right people to present for the interviews. The interviews were a mix of technical and cultural tests to make sure the right person was joining.

"Peter became our trusted advisor, listening, understanding and politely challenging where needed"

Nude 3

Recruitment Success

The success of this project was down to the TalentSpark team’s understanding of Nude’s commitment to delivery. Their culture is centred around delivering on a promise that will ultimately result in thousands of new home-owners.

The three-stage process, which included phone screening, initial personality interviews and then Competency-Based Interviews and technical interviews proved successful. Peter and his team had a success rate of 1.45 in terms of shortlisting to acceptance, which is impressive.

Ten roles hired, five weeks early.

All images courtesy of Nude Instagram