RAB-Microfluidics, a spin-out from the University of Aberdeen, is using the field of microfluidics to create a ‘laboratory on a chip’. The field of edge analytics has always relied on the ‘internet of things’ and being able to process the data at the point of origin.

However, founder, Rotimi Alabi and his team have developed a system that can analyse oil samples from heavy machinery right there onsite. This saves time and money, as it will identify right away if there is any degradation in the fluids that will impact on performance.

How does RAB-Microfluidics work?

The system is built on a 22mm x 15mm chip with microchannels that separate the oil so that spectroscopy can be carried out.

The team have been working with Maersk, Siemens Gamesa, Offshore Renewable EnergyCatapult to help develop the product to suit a number of different industries.

In 2019, RAB Microfluidics joined the Aberdeen base, TechX at the OGTC where they developed the product and got to the stage where they now need to grow their team.

Our ‘Lab-on-a-chip’ technology delivers oil analysis 1000x faster and 10x cheaper than the current ‘send the sample to laboratory approach.

RAB Microfluidics

The Team

At RAB-Microfluidics, they want to change the way chemistry is applied to engineering problems.

They believe that oil samples should no longer be taken to the laboratory for analysis but should be chemically analysed at the point of sampling.

They are looking for people who believe this too.

They are a team of passionate scientists, engineers and commercial individuals who believe in changing the way chemical analysis of oil is carried out, making it rapid, in real-time and at point-of-need (no longer in a laboratory).

They are looking for more passionate individuals to join our team and together we can deliver chemistry solutions to engineering problems at point-of-need.