TalentSpark, Scotland’s leading independent tech recruiter, has teamed up with Scottish Edge to support the next group of entrepreneurs pitching for investment in their business.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Having sponsored Converge Challenge and EIE in the past, the recruitment team, which is part of the Eden Scott Group, have a legacy of engaging with early-stage businesses and supporting them with advice and insight into a crucial area of their development – building their team.

The TalentSpark specialists will support these early-stage businesses to plan the growth of their team in line with investment rounds while advising on areas such as salary, HR and culture.

Michelle Lownie, COO at Eden Scott and TalentSpark, said:

“We have been a supporter of Scottish Edge for many years, but now it’s official. Having sat on judging panels and attended the pitching competitions over the previous 15 rounds, we were very impressed with the quality of the competition.

They have received record-breaking applications in this round from some of the most innovative business in Scotland, which is no surprise. However, for these businesses, attracting the right founding team is crucial to their ongoing success. We know our specialists can support them to grow and develop, and we look forward to building many strong partnerships.”

Evelyn McDonald, CEO Scottish Edge commented:

“The packages of support that our partners provide are often as crucial to our winners as the funding itself as this support is tailored to address needs in the most crucial areas of business.

“Leading a relatively small team with a big impact, I am well aware of how vital team dynamic and skillset are to productivity and success. I’m delighted, therefore, that TalentSpark has come on board for Round 16 and beyond, I’m sure that the experience and knowledge they have will help our next cohort of winners map out their hiring and find the right people to fulfil their potential.”