The team at TalentSpark meet a lot of founders and chat with some fascinating entrepreneurs in our role, supporting them to grow their team. Lorenzo Conti, Founder of Crover, is at a very exciting stage of the process.

Before COVID19 struck and put a stop to most international travel, Lorenzo had become only the second British Startup to be accepted to take part in the TechCrunch Battlefield. He won the KickStart Award at Converge Challenge in 2018 and pitched at #EIE20.

What is Crover, and what do they do?

Crover aims to help Grain Store Keepers and Grain Merchants to maintain the quality of their stock. They help to make sure the quality of the grains that go into the sheds and silos, is the same quality that comes out. Crover does this by using the first drone that can swim through the grain and monitor the condition.

This idea came from Lorenzo’s work as part of his PhD from the University of Edinburgh.

Crover's Journey To Date

Crover is technically a startup and not a spin-out although, by Lorenzo’s admission, he has had a tremendous amount of help and support from Edinburgh innovations as he set out on his journey. It has taken around two years to get to this point. A great deal of Lorenzo’s time was dedicated to learning how to set up a business as a first-time founder.

They have now built a team of six and are getting ready for large scale trials across the sector.

Crover on Pitching

I enjoy pitching. There is a lot of hard work that goes in behind the scenes on the product, and this is your chance to go out and promote your company.

Crover on Startup Competitions

There is a lot of noise around the startup space, and it can be hard to find out which company are doing something truly unique like Crover. So the process of pitching and taking part in the competitions such as the TechCrunch Battlefields, EIE and Converge Challenge, has proved invaluable to help us raise our profile and attract investment. We have also benefited from the support that comes with the competitions.

Advice for Spin-out and Startups

The best advice is to ask for as much help as you need. Don’t be afraid to ask but make sure you know what you are asking for. There is a fantastic ecosystem across Scotland with a lot of experienced people who can help.

One Change That Could Help the Startup Ecosystem

With Mark Logan highlighting how valuable the ecosystem is what one thing do you think could help your business?

The report is excellent, especially the focus on developing more support for female engineers.

However, it is very tech-focused, and I think there could be a little more help for those developing hardware. While we utilise the data our product produces, there is a lack of facilities, labs etc. that we can use to develop our products.