Where employees’ views really matter

In 2019, Trickle launched a simple app to fix a complex problem – engaging employees and boosting their wellbeing. Here’s how they do it.

The best organisations to work for are those where employees’ views really matter. Where people feel comfortable speaking up about what’s on their mind. And everyone works together to make things better.

When companies get this right, engagement soars! And studies show that being and feeling well drive staff retention, productivity, and profits.

Trickle App

Listening First

Trickle’s app lets employees make suggestions, raise concerns and reach out for support – at any time.

Trickle shows what people are most passionate about, highlights areas to improve, and tracks progress. It helps businesses to show they’re listening because they actually are.

And through this collaborative approach, you’ll make things better for your people and the organisation.

A Dynamic Team

Trickle is home to a talented and dynamic team, who are united in their vision of building better and more inclusive workplaces. They are bringing together a strong, diverse team of creative people who understand the value to be gained from embracing a people-first culture.

As a high-growth startup, they are always looking for passionate innovators to join their mission to champion more human-centric workplaces.

They are keen to meet people who work well in a self-directed environment and are confident to take ownership of their work and share their own ideas.

At Trickle we believe we can change the world of work for the better, if you want to be part of our journey why not check out the openings opposite

Work For Trickle

Trickle App

"Trickle has been great for providing a safe space to put forward ideas, debate and generally discuss. We always struggled to get input from the wider team and Trickle has been great with opening that up." Rob Simpson Head of Housing at Aberdeenshire Council