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The team at UnikLasers have filled all their roles but drop us your CV and we will let you know when something similar comes in.

UniKLasers was founded in 2013. BRaMMS Technology® is at the core of our technology platform that has established our competitive presence in the photonics market. With the help of key partnerships and investment, we have experienced incredible growth and are proud to be key player in the single frequency DPSS laser space.

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Quantum technologies are braced to have a similarly wide and ubiquitous social impact that electronics have enjoyed since the invention of the transistor, but to achieve this it will be necessary to miniaturise all the component subsystems, in particular the single frequency laser sources needed to manipulate the quantum states of atoms and ions.

Together with Fraunhofer UK, we have developed ultra-compact solid-state lasers, using an innovative design to extend the wavelength coverage and functionality of microchip lasers. The development of such compact and rugged sources of single-frequency light sources will be instrumental in paving the way for quantum technologies to reach their full potential and make the transition from research labs and large scale installations into industrial and consumer markets.

“We have a team of ambitious, highly-qualified laser and optoelectronics engineers that continue to push the capabilities of our technology further than ever”


“UnikLasers are a very exciting start up business with very progressive technology that can really change the face of laser engineering and optoelectronics, not only here in Scotland but all over the World.”

Daniel MacNeill – TalentSpark