What is Waterwhelm?

Waterwhelm was formed in 2018 by inspirational, award-winning entrepreneur Dr Alireza Abbassi Monjezi to transform wastewater treatment and desalination.

Wastewater treatment for re-use as a process or potable water and seawater desalination are two of the most challenging bottlenecks in the water industry. The developed technology utilises an innovative membrane and thermal separation method for water recovery as a bolt-on solution which is particularly attractive across several markets including utilities, hydrogen, petrochemical, chemical, pharma, refining and oil & gas.


Our upcoming projects will play a significant role in energy transition, circular economy and achieving net-zero targets.


Waterwhelm Technology

The patent-pending technology developed by Waterwhelm presents a method for wastewater treatment and desalination powered by waste heat or solar thermal energy

The technology is also compact and enables water recovery for direct re-use or discharge with a minimal footprint as well as desalination to supply water for industrial usage, human consumption or irrigation. The membrane units will also prevent the pollution of watercourses by micro-plastics and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) whilst recovering phosphorus.

Reverse osmosis has been the dominant membrane technology deployed in the water industry. Waterwhelm’s technology offers a 35% CAPEX saving compared to reverse osmosis as it operates at significantly lower pressures and utilises 90% less electricity since it is driven by waste-heat or solar thermal energy. A pilot plant has been designed and developed by Waterwhelm and is currently undergoing tests in Edinburgh.


Waterwhelm Team

There is a team of four at Waterwhelm as they target the next phase of their growth. They were recently awarded £100k from Scottish Edge and in 2020 received an Innovate UK grant to demonstrate viability in the Middle East. Check out the most recent roles below for your opportunity to join the team.

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