What The Fork?

‘What The Fork’ is out to disrupt the marketplace and hand control back to the businesses on our high streets.

Having listened to restaurant owners who were forced to rely on mobile apps and other technology to continue delivering to their customers during the lockdown, the feedback was that the fees had a serious impact on their business.

Once the handling fees and the services charges were totalled, it was mounting up to around 25%.

So the team at ‘What The Fork’ set about creating an app that would hand the control and more of the income back to the restaurants.

What The Fork

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The Tech

A significant difference in the system developed by ‘What The Fork’ is the end to end solution. The restaurants and takeaways are able to gain access to their client data, enabling them to market to them directly and manage customer service far more effectively.

The App developed by the team at ‘What The Fork’ is available across platforms, Apple, Android and even online. It provides the function for takeaway orders and can also be used for table ordering, reducing queues and improving staff productivity.

The App is branded to the local business, which means the companies can build more vital awareness and remain front of mind with their customers.

What The Fork Team

Coming on board with ‘What The Fork’, you are joining a very close-knit, hardworking team passionate about the solutions we produce. It is an incredibly exciting time for the business.

We’ve moved to a new, open-plan office to accommodate our new team and two office dogs!

We are a family-oriented company built around an ethos of hard work and lots of fun. You will be given all the tools you need to start with us, and we have ‘work-from-home opportunities.

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