"A devastating leap-forward in business software"

G. Langley

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Who Are Work-Books?

Work-books is the perfect small business system revolutionising the market. They combine all the critical systems you might need to build your business, and flex, expanding and contracting, as your business does.

They provide a holistic CRM suite of tools with remote working at its core. Everything from accounts and payroll to email and CRM is part of the package.

The system is also free to use. The business model is built on the data stored, the bandwidth required, and resources used.


Working for Work-books

Work-books are at an exciting stage in their development. They have just received their second round of seed funding and have been selected for the Wildcard Final at Scottish Edge, Round 16.

They also announced a partnership with CodeClan in July that will help grow the talent pool at the organisation and train the team to push the boundaries.

There is a fairly small team right now with Founder, Steven Moffat and new Head of Emerging Technologies, Dr Lloyd Hamilton. Not forgetting Branch Manager Jess!